Which Type of Template to Choose According to the Type of Web

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As you probably do not have much experience with WordPress template, if you are reading this article, I will finish it with a good number of examples classified by types of sites.

Let’s start with generalist examples for some basic types of websites.

WordPress Templates for Blogs

Blogs are still the type of websites most frequently created with WordPress.

What you need for a blog primarily depends on; new entries, comments, some basic static pages (contact, etc.). It would also include the possibility of using only one column.

WordPress Templates for Companies

If you want to create a website for your company, they will especially have a main page with an attractive design that transmits professionalism and a series of elements that help to present your company, its activities, and the value it brings as best as possible to your customers just like non-profit WordPress themes.

Non Profit WordPress Themes designed specifically for companies can find specific things such as graphic elements to represent the areas of activity of the company, statistics widgets, widgets for product portfolios, customer testimonials, etc.

WordPress Templates for E-commerce (Online Stores)

If you want to create an online store with WordPress, it is almost 100% safe (and recommendable) that you use WooCommerce.

WooCommerce already brings the necessary tools and widgets to create an online store with virtually any WordPress template.

However, there are already a lot of topics that have been designed explicitly with WooCommerce in mind.

This offers a wide range of designs and style that will make it much easier to find that point in the design you are looking for, than with WooCommerce.

The company behind WooCommerce (Automattic, which also owns WordPress.com) logically is the first to offer such topics, specifically, StoreFront.

WordPress Templates “Portfolio” (Catalogs, Photography, Architects, etc.)

There are many websites where the images are the most important.

We are talking about sites such as art websites, photography, architecture, etc., fashion blogs, the catalog of products of a company, etc.

Designer WordPress themes designed explicitly in this sense are often called “portfolio” themes.

But here I want to warn you also of a danger that these templates have: it is so aesthetic this type of webs based only on images that many people practically no longer think about the text.

The problem is that, to position yourself in Google, you need text and not a little. Therefore, you have many options to have a very nice website, but nobody sees it.

Therefore, my recommendation is that this type of site should always be accompanied by a blog with a content of value to the public.

The blog will be the place of content with text and can assume the role of positioning the site in Google.

Minimalist WordPress Templates

As the name itself indicates, a minimalist designer wordpress themes aims to focus on the essential by eliminating all the “noise” (non-essential elements that distract the reader).

But the minimalist concept does not only apply to blog templates, but a different example would also be a minimalist-oriented portfolio template.