Why is PR considered to be the new Link building?

The aim of people is to raise their brand awareness. But the majority of people just consider typical link building the only way to advertise their business and websites. But the reality lies in the fact that the traffic only comes to your website when the audience gets the content based on the related data. The search engine can easily know about the usefulness of the brand or its strength through its algorithm. Therefore, its algorithm makes your website move out of the SEO even if you have to build a large number of links at different websites. So, if you align your SEO efforts with PR then it can surely boost your content engagement and can also help you in building links at trusted sites at the same time. Says Akshat Thapa from www.newswirenext.com.

Google is getting better at detecting the unnatural links:

The Google and other major search engines are just getting even better at finding out the paid and unnatural links at different websites. That is why the most appropriate way to build links is to build them organically. In this case, the PR department can expand your reach by building up your brand which will ultimately lead you to gain publicity.

So, by keeping PR guys in your business and work, you can surely create content with better quality. This will also help you in earning some powerful links which would be from highly reputable sources. You can use different PR strategies for the link building process. If you are interested in knowing more about this new Link building strategy then you can have a look at some ways through which you can use it, says Joshua from www.edcalmedia.com.

Share content or editorial calendars to assist PR with potential leads:

To manage all the basic content that you produce, using content calendars which include the major topics and keywords along with a good overview of all of your objectives of the company is the best and most appropriate way. PR basically has to take care of the management ofall the provided content and articles in advance. Therefore, managing it all with the help of these calendars will also help you in getting a better PR and more links easily.

You can get the help of social media in order to support your SEO strategy:

The most famous tool of PR today is social media. They let you make a contact with different brands in order to build professional relations. You can use social media to get your content and links distributed throughout different websites. You can attract a huge amount of shares and ROI to your content by using some simple tools.

Measuring PR efforts:

Measuring your efforts regarding your work and its response is the best way to know about your success rate. By monitoring your strategies, you can also know which way is better for you to adopt in order to achieve success.

The most appropriate way to find out the success rate through your PR efforts is to calculate the total audience engagement. Positive audience engagement surely means that your website and efforts are on the right way.

Another way to monitor your efforts return is to assess the sentiments of your audience. You have to know that what your audience thinks about your business and content. Moreover, many people also provide suggestions according to their experiences which can also help you in getting through different situations easily. For this purpose, you can check out your social shares and likes or tweets about your brands.