Why It’s Recommended to Use CDN for Your Site

Using a CDN or Content Delivery Network has recently become a real trend among website owners around the world. The number of CDN users grows day by day, and the main reason why this service is so popular is speed.

You may do loads of adjustments like ‘caching’ or ‘minifying’ and still, have a poor web performance. With a CDN, things are quite different, although it’s not the only benefit you get while subscribing for this service.Image result for Why It's Recommended to Use CDN for Your Site

Today, we’re going to speak about the main reasons why CDN really matters in the modern IT world.

CDN: What Does It Mean

A CDN is a network of servers scattered around the world and used for storing and delivering a static content . The main reason why you should try your hands with it is an opportunity to place your web content on the servers located in different places around the world and use them to deliver your files to the target audience at a high speed.

A CDN isn’t a free service: you have to find a suitable CDN provider  and support team will give all necessary instructions to help you integrate your store.

What Are the Other Benefits of Using a CDN?

Delivering content at a high speed isn’t the only benefit a CDN provides to its users. Here are some more pros of using this service:

  • Your files are hosted on various domains (When you use an ordinary browser without a CDN, your connections are often limited to one domain: it means you’re allowed to experience four downloads at the same time. The fifth download will be blocked. With a CDN your files are hosted on various domains and this service makes it possible for the browser to have eight downloads simultaneously);
  • CDN pre-caches your files (When your web content is cached, it shouldn’t be downloaded as many times as your target users are willing to browse it from the initial server. Finally, caching is able to enhance your bandwidth);
  • CDN offers a low network latency and packet loss;
  • You may use the built-in version control with CDN;
  • You are provided with the data that may be useful for building your own usage analytics;
  • Your host expenses are significantly reduced.

Using a CDN seems to have loads of advantages, and if an excellent web performance is a real must for you, you should certainly try your hand with it.